Sharing Inclusive Paths of Jewish Spiritual Exploration, Learning and Service

Shalom: the spirit of peace and completeness…within ourselves, our community and our world.

Collaborative: a commitment to open, respectful and compassionate sharing of diverse ideas, values and experiences.

We hope to create a community of seekers, students and friends, of a variety of religious backgrounds and practice, to explore and experience Reform Judaism’s liberal, accessible and inclusive spiritual values for our lives.

We do not aspire to organize a formal, institutional congregation, but rather, an alternative setting for our journeys – a primarily virtual online community that welcomes members from around the country and the world. We also look forward to creating opportunities for in- person gatherings in a variety of formats and places. For some of us, the Collaborative will be our primary spiritual venue- for others, its programs will be an enriching resource to complement membership in another congregation or religious community.

Book Club

Our Jewish-themed book club gathers approximately every two months to discuss fiction and non-fiction alike that has some bearing on the Jewish experience.  Everyone is welcome to attend, to suggest books, and to volunteer to lead discussions.  

Join us for our next book club gathering.  We will be reading:

  • Our next meeting, on May 15th, will be led by Larry Muenz, read The Little Liar by Mitch Albion,  May  15,    7-8 pm

Some of the books we have read to date are:

The Button Man

The Plot Against America

Israel — A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth
The Netanyahus
The Jew Store
The Hare with Amber Eyes
People Love Dead Jews
Family Papers, A Sephardic Journey through the 20th Century

Kaaterskill Falls

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store


Racial Justice
Discussion Group

This group seeks to deepen their understanding of racism as it affects all of us, but particularly as it affects Black Americans today. We are currently learning about and discussing American history as it relates to the African American experience, using videos, articles and other resources as background to our discussions.

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