We seek to deepen and expand our personal horizons through a variety of educational experiences including regular opportunities for Torah study. Together we engage with the historic wisdom of our tradition from a contemporary perspective. We also embrace a broad, progressive understanding of “Torah” to include a variety of themes and sources including discussions of Jewish history, culture and values through the arts, music, theatre and cinema, contemporary literature, and media.

‘Touring as Torah” is another way to expand our spiritual growth and development as we explore opportunities for travel together around the country and the world, encountering Jewish history and culture – and personal connections – in many places.


The eternal Jewish commitment to Tikkun Olam, engaging in the work of justice and peace in the world, and service to our respective local communities, is one of our defining core values.

We seek ways to educate ourselves on the pressing ethical and policy issues of our time, and actively respond together with personal and legislative involvement and shared philanthropic support.

This broad vision also includes a commitment to enter into interfaith dialogue and encounter with other religious groups, exploring both our differences and our shared values.